Nutrition Pretest


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1.        A balanced diet can best be described as one that:

includes foods that are high in mineral content

eliminates foods that are high in caloric content

meets the nutritional needs of each individual

contains no fats

2.        One of the best guarantees of an adequate diet is

using a variety of foods in the diet

avoiding fatty foods

choosing foods that are low in calories

eliminating carbohydrates from the diet

3.        As an alternate to a serving of meat or fish, the daily diet could include:

whole grain cereals

dried beans or dried peas

green leafy vegetables


4.        Starches belong to a group of nutrients called:





5.        The body processes that relate to food include:

respiration, elimination, circulation, nerve transmission

digestion, metabolism, circulation, elimination

metabolism, respiration, hormone production, nerve transmission

6.        Essential nutrients are:

carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water

alcohol, sugars, fats, vitamins, water

hormones, minerals, alcohols, water

enzymes, neurotransmitters, vitamins, carbohydrates

7.        A kilocalorie is:

one pound of body fat

the basal metabolic rate

A unit used to measure the amount of heat produced during metabolism

the process in which nutrients are used by the cells for building tissue

8.        The three components of utilization of nutrients are:

minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates

hypertension, atherosclerosis, malnutrition

digestion, absorption, metabolism

kilocalorie, diet, exercise

9.        A therapeutic diet is one which:

is a modification of a normal diet used to improve specific health conditions

is prescribed by a psychotherapist

requires exercise

prohibits sugar and fat

10      . It is important to do the following when feeding a patient:

provide all the food that the patient desires

check the tray and diet type to be sure that it is the correct one for the patient

withhold the dessert if the patient does not eat all of the meal

tell the patient that he/she has 15 minutes to complete the meal before you take the tray


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